Monday, February 26, 2007

LEOMINSTER MA: Ken's Taxi Owner Yell The "N" Word

The Twin Cities Mass Daily News Blog, also check Leominster MA Real Estate

Fitchburg MA and Leominster MA Daily News.- Last week we got a info about an talk fight between the owner of Ken's Taxi of the city of Leominster MA and one his employees. Why they were fighting it's not important, what's important is the kind of words this ignorant use against his employee.

He yelled the ignorant "N" word to his employee plus other mother related insults... also was challening the employee to a fisical fight putting his big full of fat body as a treat! I really think the local authorities should take a closed look at the way this person oparates his mini-monopoly taxi business.

Please if you have any complains or comments about Ken's Taxi in Leominster please click the comment link below and leave us a note.... Don't worry, you don't have to post you real name just use the option "Other" to post your comment.

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